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Balmoral Red, coarse-grained

Balmoral Red - coarse-grained is a classic granite quarried by Finska at Taivassalo in the south-western part of Finland from several quarries, each yielding different grades.

Balmoral Red - coarse-grained is suitable for both exterior and interior purposes, a general type of stone used extensively worldwide both for monuments and as a building stone. It's main use is for facades, floors and interior wall claddings.


Mineral composition

Potash feldspar 40 %
Quartz 33 %
Plagioclase 19 %
Biotite and Hornblende 8 %

Mechanical and physical properties:
Testing report 2016
Testing report 2007



Pietilä quarry:
Korventie 71, 23310 Taivassalo
Koordinaatit x=6735870, y= 3200540
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Balmoral Red is used worldwide in a number of large projects:

» Shuwa Building, Hamatsushou, Tokyo, Japan
» Garden Palace, Yushima, Tokyo, Japan
» Mori Building, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
» Tokai Bank, Umeda, Osaka, Japan
» Soemonchou Building, Umeda, Osaka, Japan
» Stou Kougyo, Kitahama, Osaka, Japan
» Allied Bank Plaza, Houston, Texas, USA
» Crocker Citizens Bank, Los Angles, California, USA
» 780 Third Avenue, New York City, USA
» Olympic Center, Chicago, USA
» Gallerie Lafayette, Paris, France
» Petro Canada Buildings, Calgary, Canada
» Vasaterminalen, Stockholm, Sweden
» Railwaystation Square, Oslo, Norway
» Federal Post Office, München, Germany
» Toronto Metropolitan Police Headquarters, Toronto, Ont., Canada
» 865 Figueroa, Los Angles, California, USA
» Citizens National Bank, Seoul, Korea
» South Gate, Melbourne
» Soemonchou, Tokyo, Japan
» Hageba, Hamburg, Germany
» Cityterminalen, Stockholm, Sweden


Suomen Kiviteollisuus Oy – Finska Stenindustri Ab

Finska Stenindustri Ab (Suomen Kiviteollisuus Oy in Finnish) is focused in quarrying and exporting of rough granite blocks. Company was founded already in 1900 so we have a long history and experience in stone field.

During the years Finska has supplied granite for many outstanding buildings around the world. We strive to continuously provide our customers high quality materials and good and flexible service.



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