Stone story

Stone produced by Finska is extracted according to the Finnish method of dimension stone quarrying. Every stage of the quarrying process is highly mechanized and rationalized. Special machinery is developed for each stage.

The method guarantees large-scale production all the year round, with blocks of uniform high quality in a size and shape that meet the requirements of our customers.

Blocks quarried by Finska already fulfil the criteria of the planned CEN/TC246.

The large-scale production enables us to maintain strict quality standards and provides sufficient material of uniform colour and quality for any size project.

Since 1997 Finska has used also wire saws in quarrying. Instead of drilling and blasting diamond wires are used to loose, divide and shape granite blocks. Wire saws are well used method all aroung the world. It diminishes noice level and environmental discomfort as there's less need to use explosives.

The Finnish method of dimension stone quarrying consists of four stages.

Hydraulic drills are used in the vertical and horizontal drilling of the primary block.

Blasting of the primary block is done with plastic pipe cartridges and detonating cord.


Finska has used wire saws since 1997

Subdividing of the primary block is done by drilling, blasting and wedging.

The semi-finished blocks are transported for shaping.

The final shaping is done by a fixed drilling rig moving on rails.

Quality of the blocks is specified by an experienced quarry foreman.

The ready-made blocks are stored up in the stock-yard before shipment.

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