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The main activities of Finska Stenindustri Ab (Suomen Kiviteollisuus Oy in Finnish) today are quarrying and export of raw blocks. By specializing in these activities, Finska has become one of the leading companiesin stone quarrying.

Production is highly mechanized, and, since 1997 we have started using diamond wire to produce blocks of uniform high quality in size and shape that meet the requirements of customers. The experienced and highly skilled workers at Finska can guarantee deliveries of stone all the year round.

Finska is continuously seeking new deposits and new types of stone. This will keep Finska in the lead, and will make it possible for us to offer our customers new and interesting materials in addition to the traditional alternatives. Finska also pays attention to environmental requirements in all work.

Finska has supplied granite for many outstanding buildings around the world. Large scale production makes possible fast and reliable supply of raw material, and guarantees that stone even for the largest projects will be delivered punctually and efficiently.

High quality, and uniformity of color and structure, ensures that Finska stone is suitable for very large buildings. The wide selection of colors and qualities enables customers to select the best material for their purpose.

To ensure for our customers both competitiveness and savings in production costs, Finska pays special attention to critical points such as:


All blocks are carefully classified according to color and quality. Large scale production enables us to maintain strict quality standards, and provides sufficient material of uniform color and quality for any size project.


Our aim is always to quarry the largest possible size blocks. And large scale production guarantees the availability of blocks of all sizes.


Advanced quarrying technology ensures that the shape of the blocks allows the fabricator the maximum capacity during further processing no matter what machinery is used.


High flexural strength makes it possible to use thinner slabs, whilst the low modulus of rupture guarantees that products maintain their appearance for many years.


Finska pays special attention to quality control. Blocks produced by Finska quarries already fulfill the requirements of the planned Euronorm CEN/TC246
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